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Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are, when you're in the market for a new home you have a lot of things on your mind. We've compiled a list of some questions we frequently hear from our clients. Take a few moments to browse through these questions, you may see an answer to something you've been wondering about. If there's something you'd like to know that you don't see here, please contact us. We're looking forward to being of service!

How can AFMC Mortgage's rates be lower than the competition?

We are a large privately held mortgage banker, working from a centralized location. We have low overhead and specialize in residential mortgage lending.

Should I apply to a bank or a mortgage company?

Technically there's no difference. The most important thing is to find a lender with the lowest rate and fee and who puts everything into writing like AFMC Mortgage!

Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate? Which is better?

There is no absolute right answer but AFMC Mortgage counselors will look at your individual situation and make sure you understand all the options available.

Should I be able to lock in my rate at or prior to application?

Yes, at AFMC Mortgage we guarantee our rates in writing and encourage applicants to expect nothing less when shopping for rates.

Are fees important?

Yes. Once you have identified the lenders with the lowest rates, comparing fees will determine which lender is offering the best product.

Is the mortgage application process difficult and time consuming?

No, in fact we have streamlined the application procedure, which in turn lowers your rate and fees. Our computerized underwriting allows us to approve loans in as little as 24 hours.

Is AFMC Mortgage a mortgage banker or a broker?

We are a mortgage banker, also known as a direct lender. This means that we approve the loans and provide the funds for closing.

What does the term "bait and switch" mean, and why should I be careful of it when shopping for a loan?

"Bait and Switch" is when a lender quotes you a very low rate at application in order to entice you to apply and then, for no valid reason, approves you at a different rate later in the loan process. At this time, it is often too late to switch to another lender. The best way to avoid the "bait and switch" is to insist that all rates be guaranteed, in writing, at application.

How do I find out if a lender is in good standing?

Mortgage lenders are normally supervised by the Department of Banking in the state in which they do business. You can contact the Department of Banking to inquire about the lender. Check our links page for a quick reference to several Department of Banking and related web-sites.

Can I be pre-qualified for a loan?

Yes, AFMC Mortgage will pre-qualify applicants for maximum loan amounts prior to their shopping for a new home. The pre-approval can be an effective tool when making a purchase offer. A seller who knows that the buyer has been pre-approved will be more secure in making a deal.

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New York Low Home Mortgage Rates

Why waste your precious time searching, hoping to get a better rate when we're guaranteeing the lowest mortgage rates? We provide thousands of home mortgage loans to new home buyers and those seeking mortgage refinancing. Our customers are in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Hartford. We offer fixed rate mortgages and flexible rate mortgages, so AFMC Mortgage Mortgages should be the first mortgage lender you ask. Let us save you thousands of dollars on your first home buyers mortgage or home loan refinancing.

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